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The Manatee

This is a painting I recently did called "Shallow Retreat". These Manatees are peacefully swimming in the shallows as one of them decides to do a roll under the water. Underwater paintings are always fun because of the way the light shines down through the ocean. These animals are also known as sea cows because of their docile behavior.

I wanted to keep this painting to the blue tones because of the water and also because sometimes I just like limiting the pallet to see how I do. Manatees have a lot of things growing on them such as Algae, and barnacles attach to them as well leaving scars. So I took the opportunity to paint all of this on the skin of these two Manatees. I kind of wanted to make this a simple painting without a whole lot in it other than the light, the sea floor, and the Manatees. I hope you all enjoy this painting. Please share my blog with friends. Like always I have prints at this link. PAINE OUT!

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