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Hello all. Been a while since I did a blog. I've been working on a few things with my art to get better. Like everything being an artist is a continuing journey of growth. I've been trying to make my latest paintings better with composition, texture, and color. This is a painting I just finished using a reference photo taken in Montana by someone who I asked permission to use to paint from. I'm trying to do more with less. I'm using fewer paint strokes and relying on color and motion to imply what is going on in the painting. It's definitely getting me out of my comfort zone but so far it's been extremely rewarding. With just a few paint strokes I implied rocks being under the water in the foreground and the motion of the rapids on the right. I'm also working on keeping my color cleaner and sharper. I've been working on transitions as well from light to dark by adding a mid tone in between the lights and darks. In my earlier work there is usually a stark line between light and dark but I'm trying to push myself to the next level. On the foreground rocks for instance I added a mid tone color between the light and shadow so the painting is easier to look at. I've been painting for 42 years now and I'm still learning, and I think it's great! As far as composition I've been trying to pay more attention to the position of elements in the painting. Before I started this one I put a grid on the painting breaking it up into thirds from top to bottom and left to right. I tried to put the main elements on the third lines such as the deer, the mountain, and the major groups of trees. It makes the painting flow really nice.

Thanks for the support. My subscribe list is growing every week. This painting is called "Cool Water" and it's 18" x 24". I have it priced at $864. I also have prints available at this link.



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