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A few new paintings

I've been busy at the easel lately so I'll put my recent paintings in this blog. Being an artist is a life long journey. I'm always looking for ways to improve and learn to become a better artist. I've been trying to learn more about colors, texture and vibrancy. The painting above is one where I was practicing a technique known as breaking the color. In the sky and water I painted an under painting of muted colors and let it dry for about a week. I then went back with some rich colors, making sure to use clean brushes, and let my colors break allowing the under painting to show through a little. It makes for a really vibrant effect. You can really see it in the background trees. This painting is called Fishing Buddies. It's 18" x 24" and I'm selling it for $864. Prints are available for this one as well at this link.

Here is another painting I did using the same technique and I was also concentrating on softer edges in the background. Especially where the light hits the top of the close mountain and streaks through between the two ranges. I also wanted more texture in the grass and on the elk in the foreground. This painting is called "Wilderness Refuge". It's 24" x 30" and is priced at $1440 for the original piece. Prints are also available for this one at this link.

This is a painting that I previously painted for a conservation stamp competition. I didn't win the competition so I used the opportunity to rework the painting and I think it came out way better after I reworked it. Too bad I didn't know then what I know now. I added more reflected light on the beaver and made the water more wavy. This painting is 18" x 24" and is priced at $864. Prints can be ordered at this link.

This is another former painting that I reworked. It's called "Out in the Open". Before I had an orange sky with kind of an orange and yellow tint over the entire piece. I reworked it to add more color and vibrancy. This one is $864 for the original. It's 18" x 24". Prints can be ordered at this link.

This is another one that I reworked. It's called "Shadows in the Sage brush". My favorite thing about this one is the sky. I really wanted to push the color as far as I could while still making it work with the green in the sage brush. I used a few transparent washes to achieve the effect in the foreground. This one is also 18 x 24 and is $864 for the original. Prints can be ordered at this link.

This is what I've been busy with lately. Hope you all enjoy the art and please share my blog with others. Thank you.


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These area beautiful set of paintings. I love the technique of breaking the color. It really brings out a lot in the painting and makes it even better. Thanks for always learning and sharing your paints with those of us who can’t paint.

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