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Morning Lake

This is my newest oil painting. My wife and I have friends who live on Truman Lake in the Missouri Ozarks. Karl and Julie Otto are their names and Julie took a fabulous photo from their backyard one morning. She posted it on Facebook and I asked her if I could use it as a reference photo for a painting. I changed a few things from her photo like taking out the dock in their backyard and adding the distant cabin on the other side of the lake along with the geese in the sky. I think it turned out kind of nice and peaceful. I love the reflections on a calm lake.

This photo above is the one that Julie took. It's a very beautiful property with a lot of woods and great sunrises. Of course I just use photos as reference I don't just copy unless I'm commissioned to do so.

If you'd like to purchase the original painting it's $864. It's 18" x 24". If you'd like to order a print just click this link.



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