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This is a painting that I was commissioned to do. Turkey hunting is an art form in and of itself. You have to find a good hunting spot, dress in the proper camouflage to blend in, and be able to call them in close enough to get a good shot. Being an outdoors man means you have an appreciation for for the habitat and wildlife around you.

The great thing about turkeys is that they have a great reflective quality about their dark feathers which means I can add a lot of color to them. I always end up doing a lot of paintings with sun rays just because I like the way the rays play on the subject and on the environment around it. I put the hunters in the distance and kind of subdued to show how they can blend in to their environment. I made the big trees by the turkey dark to give the whole painting kind of a mysterious feel. I always have a highlighted side to my trees and a reflected high light on the back side that is a blue tone. This way the tree looks like it's round and has more of a three dimensional quality.

Prints of this painting can be ordered form this link. Thank you for reading my blog. PAINE OUT!


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