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Early Snow

Hello friends! Got another painting done that I'd like to share with you. This is called "Early Snow". I wanted to paint a snow painting and have a lot of color in it at the same time, so why not paint an early snow scene that takes place during autumn when the leaves change color on the aspen trees.

I started this painting about 8 months ago and something just didn't look right to me about the whole scene, so I set it to the side for about a month and looked at it again, added more color and sunlight to the sky, then set it a to the side for a while longer. Then I started looking at it again and decided the mountain range didn't look so great, so I changed the shape of the mountains and made them appear more rugged with some heavier strokes. Finally I got a good feel for how the painting was going so I added another wash over the background of sunlight color just to set everything back in the distance and added the middle ground pine trees. The autumn aspen trees, snow covered sage brush, and the Mule deer were the perfect way to cap it off.

If you're a beginning artist and want to get good at painting snow, just remember that the key to snow is layers. Lay in a medium tone and let it dry. After that you can put in the bright highlight, allowing it to break and show parts of the medium tone under it, and it will look way more realistic. You also lay in the dark blue shadow colors the same way. After that is done and dry you can hit it with a final white and lemon yellow mixture in places where the sunlight would hit it the strongest.

If you all would like to order a print of this one here is the Link. Thanks for checking out my blog.

Here are some links to my other social media if you care to check them out.

PS. All artists rely on people sharing their work, so please if you like what I do share it with someone else and if you don't like me or what I do share it with someone you don't like! HA HA! Thank you.


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