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What's new in my studio

Got a 18" x 24" oil painting I'm working on of a farm scene at sunset. I'm going to put a couple of white tail deer laying in the grass in the lower left hand corner. I'm thinking a buck with a non typical rack.

It's been a little unorganized and messy in the studio lately because I've been really busy. At some point you have to deal with it though so I built a new art station for myself with a built in easel. Here is the picture below.

Now everything is nice and neatly organized. This should increase my efficiency and productivity. I always use as much reclaimed lumber as I can when I build something because I really like that rustic look. I also added caster wheels to the bottom in case I need to move it around. I have a very nice studio space but it's almost getting to the point of being too small because of all the things I have going on. Maybe I'll get a larger space in the future if the good Lord allows but until then I'm very happy with this art station that I built. It's very satisfying to be able to build something like this for yourself.



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