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Turkey time

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

I always enjoy seeing turkeys in the early spring. All the different colors of the left over dead leaves along with the new green starting to spring up out of the ground is truly inspiring. Turkeys have a reflective quality about their feathers that is very interesting and colorful. I like walking through the woods in the early spring. The air is still cool enough that I can take a nice long sleeve shirt and feel comfortable. The undergrowth is still thin enough that I can make out all the leaf shapes on the ground and all the different rocks that make up the rolling Kansas hills.

This painting is a scene out around the area in Kansas that I live. The rocky wooded hill looks down over the yellow meadows. I often see turkeys, squirrels, white tailed deer, and other wildlife when I'm out walking around this area. I'm not telling exactly where this is because I like to keep some of my spots a secret.

This original painting is still available for sale and Prints are also now available for this one for $75 a piece. Thank you all and stay inspired!


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