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Learn to paint wolves in the moonlight

I have a new instructional video out showing you step by step how I painted this beautiful moonlight winter scene with a pack of wolves coming out of the forest. Learn some of my layering and glazing techniques that allow you to paint light rays coming through the forest and I'll even show you how I started this painting with a couple of spray paint techniques. Yes, you read that right, spray paint! Though I am somewhat of a traditional wildlife artist, I also will not hold myself back from trying different and unconventional methods to achieve effects that I couldn't get otherwise. There are now currently two paintings on this platform and you'll have access to both of them at the low price of $25 per month. Just click the link below to sign up and get started immediately!

Like I said, there are two paintings that you can learn how to do on this instructional site and this is the other one. This is called "Divide in the distance". I'll show you how to paint the Rocky mountains of the continental divide in Colorado. There is more than seven hours of video packed into these on line classes! Sign up at the link below and start creating beautiful artwork!


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