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I've got three new paintings that I'm working on at the same time and I'm going to start with this painting of a rose that my granddaughter and I are working on together. She is 3 years old and likes to paint with me so we figure out what we want to paint (AKA she yells out a subject like BUTTERFLY or FLOWER and that dictates what we paint) and away we go. She helps a lot with the background and then I more or less take over from there after she gets tired of throwing paint around and runs down the steps to go play with her play dough.

This next painting is one I'm trying to shoot video of while I paint it. Shooting video while I'm painting is kind of a difficult task because I have to pay attention to a lot of variables like lighting, my on camera personality (of which I have none!), and most important is making sure the video camera doesn't run out of space on the SD card right in the middle of shooting footage which already happened to me once. I'm hoping as I do more videos, I get a lot better at this and maybe get some better equipment in the future. This painting is based on a photo I took through the windshield of our truck while Melissa and I were driving in Colorado. I came back with some real good inspiration from this vacation and to answer the question ahead of time, NO! I did not smoke any of the hippy lettuce while I was in Colorado!

Now the last one I'll show you is this one of some Mountains with a waterfall and a mother black bear with two cubs in the lower right hand corner. This is a commission peace that I'm doing for someone and it's going good. I still need to do some work on Momma bear because something doesn't look quite right to me but I'll figure it out.

Now I'll have prints available for sale for all three of these paintings when the time comes so keep a look out for the new merchandise and please feel free to send me an email with any comments or questions you may have. Until next time, PAINE OUT!


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