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Time to Catch some Cat Fish

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Around these parts we do a lot of fishing for catfish. If you have ever been hand fishing in a Kansas creek, you'll know what it's like to reach your hand down into a hole under the murky water not knowing what there, feeling around until you find a big Bluecat or a flathead. If you're lucky you won't get bit by a copperhead snake or find an angry snapping turtle.

These days I just stick to using a rod and real, a lot safer now that I'm a little older. Chad Shafstall, A man that I went to High School with at Rossville High in the great small town of Rossville Kansas commissioned me to paint this so he could give it as a gift to some Fishing guides in Texas. Chad is one of the best outdoors men of our area and does great work on the charity front as well with his non profit organization LOM (Lean on Me).

This actually turned out to be one of my favorite paintings because of the feeling it gives of summertime when you're young and you can go fishing every day with your Dad after he gets home from work. Great memories growing up in that little town.

I now have prints available of this one entitled "Blue Cat Attack" for $60 a piece, unframed. They are 16" x 20" with a 2" border. Fits nicely into a 16" x 20" frame with a matte. All prints will be signed and numbered and only 500 will be made so get them before they run out and keep on fishing!


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