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As a Christian man, God has given me a great commission, that would be to tell all of you about him and spread his word. Though I am fairly good about articulating things while typing them out, sometimes I don't do as well face to face because I'm just a rough, red neck and that's how I sound when speaking to someone. But God gave me a powerful tool! The ability to create a work of art that can strike a person to their soul. Of course it took many years to develop this talent and figure out what my style was but I was doing most of that before I became a true believer in Christ and understood what the Bible was really teaching. After I became a Christian, my talents seemed to start coming together. I think God was molding me all those years that I was on a wayward path because he knew where I was going to end up. He knew I was coming to him!

Now I know most of the paintings that you see of Jesus don't portray him with white hair and he probably didn't have white hair while he was on the earth over 2000 years ago, but now he is in his glorified body at the right hand of the Father and if you read Revelation the apostle John describes him with hair white like wool and a countenance as bright as the sun. Now the sea in this painting represents the human race( the sea of people) and this is how God sometimes represents us in the Bible. More particularly it usually represents the gentiles or non Jewish people. When Jesus walked on the water and Peter got out of the boat and walked a little bit but started to sink before Jesus reached out and saved him, this literally happened but God uses events to give several messages. Jesus saves us from the ways of the world if we reach to him (the world being the sea and the turbulent waves he is walking on). Peter was also Jewish so it represents a foreshadowing of Jesus coming back and saving the Jews out of the tribulation.

The wave and sea in this painting are the armies of the world rising to fight the Lord at Armageddon,

but does our Savior look like it takes him any effort at all to put them under his feet? He will defeat the anti-Christ while holding the title deed to the earth in his hand (the seven sealed scroll). He will reign for 1000 years and after that for eternity and we will spread across the universe! Hope to see every one of you in his eternal Kingdom, better to be reaching for his hand than to be under his foot!


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