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The Old Fence Line

This is my new painting fresh off the easel. It's called "The Old Fence Line". One of my favorite subjects to paint are old fences leading your eye to wildlife. One of my favorite birds to paint is the ring neck pheasant. I guess you could say that this painting is the marriage of two of my favorite subjects. We used to pheasant hunt a lot when I was a kid but the pheasant population in recent years just isn't the same as it used to be in Northeastern Kansas so we now have to go to the western side of the state to hunt them. I think it may have something to do with the increase of the turkey population on this side of the state but I'm not a wildlife biologist so I don't know for sure. Kansas is farm country and we have a lot of scenes like this. Some people don't realize the beauty that this state has to offer. Here in the Northeastern corner we have a mix of wooded land along with crop fields and old farms. It's a slower pace of life here in the heart land and I'm certainly OK with that. Hope you all enjoy this painting. The original is for sale and I also have prints at this link.



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