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The Love of the Father

Finally got this painting done. I got the small town church feel I was going for and I'm very happy with the way this turned out. The most important thing about a painting to me is manipulating the viewers eyes to go where you want in the painting. Obviously the focal point is the church and I have lines leading to the church such as both edges of the snowy path and the foot trails on the path. The power line coming from off the edge of the canvas, through the light pole, and connecting to the side of the church is another one. The church is the main light source in the painting so I can also use any shadows like spokes in a wheel radiating out from the church.

The father and his daughter walking to the evening service allow me to give a double meaning to the title of the painting. The love of the Father is shown with the man holding his daughters hand and also is shown through the death and resurrection of Jesus because God the heavenly Father loves us so much.

Here is the link to order a limited edition print of this painting.


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