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The Giant Squid

This is a painting named "Denizen from the Deep". When I was a boy I loved books by Jules Verne. 20,000 leagues under the sea is a brilliant novel. Imagining a submarine that can smash and sink ships, and the part of the novel where they had to fight off the giant squid was just the most exciting thing I ever read to that point.

I was sitting around trying to come up with ideas for a painting a couple of years ago and started going through ocean life images on the computer. That's when I remembered the book I loved so much as a child. I definitely knew I was painting a giant squid then I got the idea of giant waves and a pirate ship.

The idea of this painting is basically that being bad doesn't pay off. What's going to get the crew first? The giant waves from above or the giant beast from below? God tells us in the Bible to repent and turn towards him. I left the patch of clear sky in the upper right hand corner of the painting as a way out. Maybe those pirates could pray that God gives them strength to turn that ship and ride that giant wave over the top of that squid and head for the light! Will they cut that dark sail down and put up white sails? Who knows, it's their choice just like everyone of us has a choice.


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