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The Comet

The other day I was trying to come up with a subject to paint while I was checking out some other art. I happen to come across a video of a great artist who was finger painting clouds. I asked the Lord how I could make an interesting sky painting and all of the sudden I remembered some people posting photos of a comet in the sky on a Colorado Facebook group that I belong to. From there it was just a matter of putting the idea on the canvas.

Painting the night sky is always fun and interesting but add the comet and it is exciting. I wanted to put the Rocky Mountain range in the painting because it signifies the American landscape and I could also use the closest mountain to triangulate the picture. Your mind knows the comet isn't going to hit the earth but the angle of the comet directs your eye to the mountain peak, then down the slope, and back up the right edge of the painting and down the tail of the comet again. It's simple, but extremely effective.

The comet is also a reminder to me of how great God really is to be able to speak, and all the creation of the universe happened at his command! I am also reminded how we are fallen and separated ourselves from God thousands of years ago but then reconnected by the risen Son of God. I truly think God sends us messages of hope or warning across the sky on occasion to remind us who is in charge!


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