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The African Elephant

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Here is an elephant painting I just completed. There is a few things that I wanted to do different in this painting than I normally do. I usually add a landscape with any wildlife painting that I do but in this one I wanted the elephant to stand alone. I didn't even want a sky or ground in the painting so to achieve this I had to think outside the box.

First of all I wanted it to be almost monochromatic without being monochromatic so I kept everything kind of a yellowish brown tone. Second of all I wanted the elephant to have no ground to stand on because I wanted to trick the viewers eye into knowing the ground is there. I had to achieve this by making it look as though this animal is angry and kicking up dust. You can't even see the elephants feet but you know he's standing on the ground and of course the dust fills the air around the area hazing out the back parts of his body and putting all the emphasis on its massive head.

Painting an elephant is basically like painting a landscape because of all the folds and tucks in its hide. The light and shadow is very interesting around its ears. The highlight I added at the end of the painting is pure titanium white that I applied with a pallet knife just to add to the texture.

Hope you all enjoy this painting because I sure did enjoy painting it. If you would like to purchase this original it's $1800 unframed. I also have prints available of this one for $75 a piece and only 500 prints will be made. Thank you


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