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Study paintings

I've been doing a few small study paintings in acrylic to see what they might look like on a large canvas in oil. This is one of them. I call it "Evening in the Flint Hills". I specifically wanted to know how a bright sky with red might look against the green rolling hills.

This is another small acrylic I did called "Misty Mountains". I kind of wanted to see how the valley would look in the shadow of the mountain while the top of the mountains caught the sun light. I think it looks fairly nice. I might make a few tweaks if I put it to a larger canvas.

This one above is called "Path through the woods". I wanted to see how a yellow glow in the sky would work out against the darker foreground.

This one here is called "Sunset Field". Working out crop rows can be difficult so it really helps to see it on a study painting first. This composition might be tweaked as well if I decide to do it on a larger canvas.

Thanks for viewing my blog. I've started putting digital downloads of my work on etsy to make it cheaper to purchase my art so if you want to check it out just go to this link.


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