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Painting the majestic bald eagle

I now have prints available for this painting entitled "Fly fisherman". They are $60 a piece and there will only be 500 in the edition so get them before they run out.

I wanted this painting to be dramatic, so I put storm clouds along with a setting sun in the sky to further dramatize the scene. You can choose to paint an animal close up and render tight detail or you can paint the animal far off so you can pull the landscape into the life of the animal. I wanted to show our beautiful American landscape so I painted the eagle far off. To further enhance the time of day I painted the trees and the lake dark to hint that the shadow of the mountain is starting to creep over the lake. Painting a dark eagle against a dark background is very tricky and takes some planning. I used the reflected light on the water from the sun to help me. You can barely make out the silhouette of the eagle against the dark water and the splash of the eagle pulling the trout from the lake brings everything together.

The painting as a whole is a tribute to this great country. Because I painted a sunset, I was able to put red reflections in the storm clouds, I put blue in the background mountain range, and white is in the highlighted snow and the head and tail of the eagle. Red, white, and blue!

Thanks for looking at my painting and God bless America!


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