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Painting the Alaskan landscape

I just painted this picture of a caribou in Denali National Park. The majestic Mount McKinley rises up to the clouds in the background. This painting shows off the colorful vegetation and the various mountain formations that are around the giant mountain.

Denali's summit is 20,310 feet above sea level but it is actually taller than Mount Everest from base to peak at 18,000 feet. Everest is only 12,000 feet from it's base to the peak. It's a hulk of a mountain.

The caribou migrate across the landscape in great herds but I wanted a lone caribou for this painting to put more emphasis on the landscape. I hope I make it back to the great state of Alaska someday to take in more of God's great creation. This original is for sale and I also have prints for sale at the link below. Thank you.

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