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Painting Northern lights

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

You know I've never had the chance to actually witness an aurora, I guess it will have to remain on my bucket list. You don't get the chance to witness northern lights too often when you live in the great state of Kansas but I can sure use my paint brush and my imagination until the time I can witness one in person.

Just my personal opinion but me being an artist who works with oil paint as opposed to acrylic puts me at an advantage for painting such a mood as is offered by the northern lights. I can take my time and blend as much as I want until I get just the right effect that I'm looking for. I can add multiple layers and values to create the light bouncing off the evening snow and playing through the pines. I can also blend the sky color ever so slightly into the shadows to tie the whole painting together.

Sometimes I like to paint detail but more often than not I like the look of a painting that has bold strokes in it and a northern light painting gives you great opportunity for achieving this look. I even used a pallet knife to lay final touches on this painting at the end to give it more texture. I don't do the wet on wet technique, but this painting has some what of a Bob Ross feel to it.

This original painting was donated to my local VFW to help raise funds for the families of fallen soldiers. Prints are available for this paining for $75 a piece. They are 20" x 24" prints and only 500 will be sold. Get them while they're hot and thank you for logging in

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