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Painting in progress

I've been working on this winter church scene that is far from being done. A lot of times I think I know what direction I want to go with a painting but then other ideas start flowing through my head while I'm in the process and it turns into something different. Eventually I'll have light coming from the street light pole and from the lights on either side of the church door, and of course, light coming through the stained glass windows of the church. This will prove to be kind of difficult because of all the light sources from different directions. I might put some people walking down the path to get to the church as well but I haven't decided yet.

I wanted to make this look like an old small town church out in the sticks somewhere, the kind of church that I'm used to. I want this painting to give a feeling of warmth and coziness. The kind of warm feeling you can only get from small town life. I'm thinking about putting an evergreen tree on the right side too with some Christmas lights on it.

I've just got a lot of ideas running through my head on this one and I've got to get focused and narrow in on what I want to do. I'll post another blog of the finished product when I'm done but in the mean time if anyone has an idea about this painting, don't hesitate to email me about it.



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