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Painting Angels and Demons

This is a new painting I did called "Sin is cast down". I typically see artists paint angels as blond haired men, beautiful women with wings, or the chubby baby with wings holding the bow and arrow like cupid. I've also seen some ridiculous images of the devil. He is usually depicted with horns and a pitch fork, or sometimes he is sitting on some kind of throne in hell with the head of a goat. I don't know how these images came to be main stream but they are not at all how the Bible describes these creatures.

God created all living things, and he created the Devil as well. He created him as the most Beautiful of all living creatures and gave him the name "Lucifer" which means light bearer. He is described in the Bible as having a body made of jewels because his purpose was to magnify the Light of God through out creation. He is even described as having musical instruments within his body so he could amplify the sound of the angels that sing to God. He was so beautiful and powerful that he became overwhelmingly prideful and thought he could overtake God and become the most high in the universe. God had the arch angel Michael and an army of angels drive Lucifer and the angels he talked into committing treason with him out of heaven. From then on Lucifer became Satan or the Devil, and the third of the angels that went down with him became demons.

If you read the Bible, you'll notice that every time someone witnesses an angel, they are overtaken with fear. This is because they are overwhelmingly powerful beings and fearsome looking. I depicted Michael in this painting as a warrior being sent by God to conquer and fulfill his will. I depicted the Devil with his Jeweled body crossing over the heavenly limit down toward the darkness. His jeweled body now only magnifies the darkness of empty space until he is cast down like lightning to the Earth. Unlike many of the movies and pictures of the Devil, he does not live in hell. He will be cast into hell after Jesus comes back and reigns a thousand years on Earth. For now he is the ruler of Earth because the first man, known as Adam, sinned and gave up the title deed of the Earth. He will be removed when the true King comes back with the title deed in his hand known as the seven sealed scroll. Jesus will cast him down for good, for now you can cast him out of your heart by accepting the Lord. For now we as Christians have to live with him but he does not have control over our hearts!



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