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I've got this new painting I'm working on that will eventually have some bison in it. I'm also trying to come up with some different framing techniques because frankly I am getting board with the same old frames that people have been using for years to frame their work. I build most of my own frames and usually I do an "edge reveal" frame so you can see the sides of the canvas. Here are a couple of pictures to show you my edge reveal frames.

As you can see, I like rustic frames. I like to see all the tool marks and imperfections in the wood.

I leave a space between the edge of the canvas and the edge of the frame all the way around the painting instead of hiding it behind the edge of the frame. This gives it more of a dimensional look in my opinion.

On this one that I did with some old wood from a lake side dock, I cut a straight groove in the middle of the frame all the way around. I sanded off all of the loose, flaky red paint but left the rest of the paint on the wood and stained over the whole thing. You can see old nail holes in the wood which just adds more character.

I think when I get my bison painting above done I'm going to try and frame it with driftwood or something similar. I want to figure out how to add some natural elements to the framing process because I like the frame to be as much a part of the art work as the painting itself. I know, a lot of gallery art work has those goofy looking thin frames so as not to detract from the painting. I really don't care what a gallery wants to do and I don't feel like confining myself to their rules! I'm an artist so I'm going to act like one and create what I want the way I want to do it (As long as God All mighty is cool with what I'm doing)!

Be creative and don't go along with the conventional wisdom of the "group think" that everyone seems to have these days. Thanks for reading. PAINE IS OUT!!!

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