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This is my first painting completed of 2021. I actually started this painting about 6 months before with the intention of putting a cliff in the fore ground with a mountain lion on the cliff. For some reason the perspective just didn't look right with the mountain lion. I remembered a painting of a teepee village that I did in the past and donated to an auction to help veterans. I always intended to paint another teepee village and this background was perfect so I changed the entire direction of the painting.

The back ground mountains are the Rocky Mountain range. The Rocky Mountains are one of my favorite things to paint because of how colorful they are. It really allows me to flex my artistic muscles. The teepees have a firelit glow coming through them giving them kind of a lantern effect against the dark trees.

Like always the original painting is for sale and I also have 500 signed and numbered prints available of this painting. Click on the link below for size and price options.

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