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Finally got done with all the art work for the theatrical production of "A Goblin's Christmas" so this is the first piece of art I got done after that. I kind of felt like I was getting real tight in the way I have been painting so I wanted to do one with a nice, loose composition. Nothing better than a bunch of splashing water to get that done. It felt real good to take a nice big brush and throw some broad strokes on the canvas. I wanted this painting to show the power of a grizzly bear and also add tension to the scene with the trout because you don't know if the fish will escape or have a nasty ending to its life in the gaping jaws of that fierce predator!

I painted this on a black canvas to make the colors stand out strong. I didn't even cover the whole canvas with paint, I just let it show through in the background and even in the foreground water. I wanted this one to be all about the bear, the fish, and that big splash. If you want to purchase this painting, don't hesitate to get in touch with me and if you'd like to purchase a fine art print of this one here is the link.

Thank you again for visiting my little blog! PAINE OUT!!!

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