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Two new landscape paintings

Here is a new painting that I just finished called "Canyon Light". My wife and I have taken several photos of canyons and rock formations over the years so I used some of my reference photos to come up with this painting. I put a lot of interest in the rocky canyon walls in the background and purposely left the foreground open so your eye can travel back into the painting. I definitely wanted to get some green reflected into that water as well. I think the colors worked out nicely. This is a 12" x 16" oil painting on a board. I'm selling this original painting for $400 so just contact me if interested. If you're interested in a signed and numbered, limited edition print just go to this link.

Here is another new painting I did called "The Old farm Road". This is based on a photo I took here in Northeastern Kansas. I really like the way that light dapples on the gravel road. The road leads the eye into the distance and opens up into a field with an old barn and farm house. This original painting is a 12" x 12" oil on board and I'm selling this one for $300. Limited edition prints can also be purchased for this painting at this link.

Thanks for reading my blog and if anyone has questions or comments please let me know.



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