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The Great Blue Heron

This is a recent painting I did called "In the Shadows-Great Blue Heron", The latest painting of my "In the Shadows" series. As many of you know, I live next to a lake and whenever I drive or walk by one of the coves of the lake I keep seeing a Great Blue Heron either resting on a log or walking through the shallow water and catching frogs, fish, or whatever else it can swallow in that long beak. They are fascinating birds with beautiful plumage.

I do a lot of paintings with light rays coming down from above because I think it's cool for one thing and it gives kind of a peaceful, spiritual feeling to a painting. It keeps me in the mind set that God is in charge and whenever I become overwhelmed there is the Heavenly Father above with a plan for it all.

Whenever I do a painting with a lot of green in it I always like to add touches of warmer reddish or earth tones. In this case I used the rocks to add this into the painting so the green doesn't become too overwhelming. I also make sure to start with lighter tones in the background and move toward darker tones as I move forward in the painting. This gives the painting depth and makes it appear as if you can almost walk into it. I also add more texture in the final layers of a lot of my paintings to give it more of a pop. The Light shining on the water has more texture than the rest of the painting on purpose to keep your eye focused toward the center.

If you would like to purchase a print of this painting just go to this link. Thank you all for visiting the blog and don't forget to sign up to receive notification of my blogs to keep up with my new work. Please share my sight with your friends because a starving artist is a boring artist! I like being fat and Happy! PAINE OUT!!!


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