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Silhouetted Serenity

This is a little 11" X 14" painting I did while looking out of my studio windows at the lake. I've done two paintings now looking out my window and I enjoy the challenge of painting what's in front of you and figuring out the composition.

A trick I use on evening or morning pictures where the sun light is strong is to make the edges of the painting darker and work towards the middle sun with increasingly lighter and brighter colors. Make sure you always put something going on within the shadow areas. Don't just make them solid black. I like to make sure that the viewer can explore every inch and find new things in each area of the canvas. Any color that I put in the sky is also reflected into the water.

Reflections are made by using a back and forth motion with a flat or dagger brush to give the effect of the water being choppy.

Hope you all enjoy this little painting and if you'd like to order a print you can click on this link


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