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This is a new painting I just finished called "Reflections". As many of you know if you've been reading my blogs, I live on a lake and my studio is in the loft of our lake house. The inspiration for this painting came from looking out of the oversized windows on the wall of my vaulted ceiling. The windows face straight south so I don't see the sun out of them but I definitely have a great view of the lake.

I've painted so many sun rises and sun sets that I was able to just do the sky from my imagination. Sometimes I just begin a painting as an experiment by just throwing various colors on the canvas and seeing what happens. I did this with the sky in this painting and when an idea came to me I started forming the clouds. Then I thought I might as well just use the window view for the lake scene. Just to let you all know, the actual lake I live on has several houses around it but I didn't want to put them in the painting. This is actually a good method to use if you are experiencing any sort of artistic block and can't get going. Painting is kind of like sports in that sometimes you have to get warmed up before you perform well.

This is a very simple but effective landscape and I hope you all enjoy it. Click this link to order a print if you so desire. If you want to buy the original you can contact me through the website. Until next time, Paine out!


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