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Painting Ducks

I've done a few duck paintings over the years and it's no easy task to get things to look right. You have to have the right amount of wing feathers in the right places, you have to make a glow come through the the feathers on the wings when they are back lit, you have to have the right habitat, and you have to get the feeling of a duck in motion.

This painting above is called "Take Off". I wanted some what of a blurred back ground in this one to make the Mallard stand out. Getting the radius of the wing tips correct is always a challenge for me. This painting was no exception on the wing radius but I think it came out fine.

Here is another one I did called "In for the Landing". This one is all about the light and the feeling of the way a duck looks as it's about to land. I really like a swampy looking habitat with dead trees coming up out of the water. Usually I paint water a little choppy or wavy but I wanted it to be still and mirror like in this painting.

This one is called "Evening Take Off". This one is about reflections and silhouetted trees against a strong sun set. I always love painting water that splashes because I can be loose with it and show the water rings coming out from the center.

Three Mallard paintings shown in three different ways. Hope you all will take a look at my selection of signed and numbered prints. Here is the link. Thanks for taking time to look at my blog. If you want to buy an original painting just send me an email. PAINE OUT!!!


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