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New paintings finished this month

Here is the first painting I got finished this month. This is called "Rowan's Grasshopper" because my 3 year old grand daughter and I painted this one together. I will not sell this original painting but I am selling prints of this one at this link.

My grand daughter decides what we are painting then I put some paint on the pallet and let her start creating. After she smears paint all over and gets bored I pick up the brush and turn it into something. My daughter Aspen (who is Rowan's mother) is a great artist so I hope Rowan continues the line of art work when she gets older.

Here is another painting I finished this month called "Moonlight Hunters". I shot video of this one while I was painting it to add to more videos I've done for teaching purposes. You can find this original for sale under the wildlife tab on the website. I also have prints for sale of this one at this link.

This painting is all about feeling and emotion. There is not too much detail in it and I wanted it to have a peaceful and an eerie feeling at the same time. I like my wildlife paintings to create a little tension sometimes. The wolves are standing motionless but could attack at a moments notice. I also like playing with light as most artists do but I like taking it to another level. The rays of light coming from the moon were done using several washes (paint thinned down to an almost runny consistency so that it's transparent). I painted in the background and the distant trees, let that layer dry, then added light rays over the top, let it dry, then added more trees, let it dry...... You get the point. By doing this back and forth method the moonlight is playing through the forest and is not just one layer over the top of everything.

That's all for now. You'll have to watch the future video to know how I did the rest. PAINE OUT!!!

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