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Nature's Beauty

Introducing my newest painting "Nature's Beauty". I love watching bald eagles and marvel at their speed and aerodynamics. I started painting this picture with something else in mind but after finishing the mountain range in the back I decided it was the perfect painting for a lake and an eagle catching a fish.

The key to a painting like this is the lighter tone of the mountains in the back and the darker tone of the slope on the left and the trees on the right to force your eye to the middle where I placed the eagle. I paint in oil so I use transparent washes to get the effect of water over the rocks in the foreground and water over the reflections. For example, after I painted the slope on the left I took the same colors and drug them straight down to form a mirror image reflection. After that layer of paint dried I mixed some of the blue color with mineral spirits to make it thin and transparent. I drug that transparent color across the reflections with a horizontal stroke so they went over the reflections but you could still see through it. Makes for a real nice water effect. The same method was used on the light rays after the background mountains were dry.

This original oil painting is for sale and I also have 500 limited edition prints for sale at this link.

Keep it real my friends! PAINE OUT!!!


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