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Mountains and Ocean

Got a couple of new paintings that I recently finished. I'll start with this one. It's called "Cold Mountain River". This is an 18" x 24" oil and it's kind of a study in using cool colors. There is a lot of blue in this one and I did that on purpose. It gives it kind of a cool spring day appearance. I always like putting clouds drifting in front of my mountains as well to give the viewer a sense of their grand scale. The original is for sale and I also have prints available at this link.

This is the other painting I just finished. This one is called "Ocean Sky". This is just the opposite of the mountain painting in that I used a lot of warm colors in this one. I always want there to be a sense of movement in my paintings such as the waves hitting the shore line in this one or the movement of the river and the clouds in the mountain painting. I want to give the sense of peaceful action. This original is also for sale and prints are for sale as well at this link.

Thank you all for visiting my blog. PAINE OUT!


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