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Mountain Solitude

This is a painting I just got done called "Mountain Solitude". I actually started this painting having fun with my granddaughter because she likes to paint with me while she is visiting. This is a 24" x 30" canvas and I just let her start taking paint and putting it on the canvas wherever she wanted and after she was done I smoothed it out to see if I could create something with it. She's only 5 years old so it doesn't take long for her to get bored. This is a great creative exercise for me because it forces me to use my creative muscle.

She always likes red and she put a lot of red on the canvas so I turned it into a painting with a lot of sun light. I have a lot of photographic references from the Rocky Mountains so I put the mountains in and the cool rushing waters of the mountain stream. I used a lot of green in the stream to offset the red. Some paintings just seem to lend themselves to a particular species and this one looked like it should have elk in it to me so that's what I went with.

Painting rocks is always interesting to me. I put some rocks in this painting because they add nice contrast to the grass and trees and you can't have rapids without rocks. I always lay in a dark base for my big rocks and then I put the highlight side on letting the paint break as I spread it to let the dark base show through. This makes it look like cracks and little grooves in the rocks. I then do the same thing on the back side of the stone using a blue tone for reflected light. The darkest part of the rock should be somewhere in the middle of the rock formation. This is the same method I use on tree trunks. After it has dried a day I come back and lay a brighter highlight on the edge of the high light side just to give it an extra kick.

Thank you all for reading my little blog and if you want to order a print go to this link.

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