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This is a painting I just did called "Mountain Fall". I wanted to show the fall colors of the aspen trees in the mountains. I wanted a lot of bright colors in this one but I had to be careful with not getting to crazy with the colors.

Whenever you use a lot of red in a painting it's always a good idea to compliment it with some green. If you don't it can start to over power everything and the painting won't be pleasant to look at. I might of gone right to the edge with this painting but sometimes you have to test the waters to see how far you can go. The background mountains always have to remain a little subdued to give the painting a sense of depth. Usually you want to use blue tones in the background mountains but I also wanted to put some of the red tones back there in this one as well so I went for it.

After I finished most of the painting I felt it needed some texture so I used a palette knife on the aspen trees in the foreground. I let the white paint mix with the darker color on the trees as I brought the paint around to the shadow side. Always remember to put a sliver of reflected light on the back side of tree trunks when painting.

This original painting is for sale. It's a 24" x 30" and it's priced at $1440. I also have prints of it available at this link

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