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There is nothing quite like the experience of witnessing large animals fighting for dominance. This is a new oil painting I did called "Mountain Battle". In this painting these two bull elk decided to go to war over the right to mate with the herd. The strongest ones get to pass on their seed. The elk is the second largest member of the deer family with moose being number one. The male is about 5 feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 1100 pounds. They can do real damage to each other with those antlers as well as vehicles if the heard is crossing a road during the rut. You can google video of these large animals attacking automobiles.

I love everything about the mountain wilderness. The way light hits the mountains, the mist and clouds weaving between the peaks, and the forest running through the valleys. How could you not like it? Being in a wilderness such as this makes me feel closer to God. I can be alone to meditate on his creation and what he wants me to do in this life. The health benefits of being out in the wilderness are great as well. Great exercise and stress release.

As always I have 500 limited edition prints available of this painting. You can order them at this link. Thanks for visiting my blog. PAINE OUT!!!


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