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Let's do some fishing!

This is my new painting called "Peaceful Hideaway". We will be having a family reunion on July 4th weekend on my Mother's side of the family and we are having it in the mountains of Colorado in an undisclosed location to protect the innocent. While we are there my brother and I will try to do some trout fishing. I'm extremely excited because I have never fished for trout before. We are from Kansas so we spend most of our time going after catfish and sometimes crappie. I had to paint this because I'm so excited to go I had to get some of that energy out on the canvas. The Good Lord created such a beautiful world with breathtaking scenery that sometimes I start putting too much into a painting and it becomes too busy. I had to take a few things out of this painting just to keep the perspective right. Some times you have to stick to the "Less is more" theory.

While I'm on this vacation we are also going to do some white water rafting and hiking. I have a sketch pad that takes wet mediums so I'll take my acrylic paints and so some on site paintings to capture the feel of my surroundings and of course I'll be taking plenty of photos. When we get back from this trip I should have plenty of inspiration and research to do multiple paintings of the Colorado Rockies. I love the scenery in Colorado and can't get enough of it.

Whenever they have black canvases available at the store I always buy them. This one is painted on a black canvas which always seems to make the color more vibrant. I used several different photos to get everything I wanted into this painting and I think it came together very nice.

If you're interested in this original you can find under the wildlife tab on this website and I also have prints available at the link below. Thank you for reading and stay inspired.


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