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In the Shadows

Updated: May 10, 2022

This painting is now finished and available for sale along with signed and numbered prints. It's called "In the Shadows-Mountain Lion".

I painted this using oil paints on a white canvas. The background was painted with a mixture of phthalo blue, prussian blue, and burnt umber. I used a mop brush to smooth out the brush strokes and I carried this color down into the water when I blocked this painting in. The rest of this painting is painted with just a few colors which are Titanium white, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, and cobalt blue. The back ground mixture is carried through all of the shadows in the painting as well.

Whenever I paint shadows I don't paint it just a solid black color, I want to make sure and leave the mixture marbled with a few dark colors to make sure the eye can tell there is something going on in the shadows. I like to fade the detail of the lighted parts of the painting back into the shadows as well so the lines are not so harsh to look at. I want to create interest on every square inch of the painting.

Hope you like the finished product and as always this will be a limited edition print with only 500 being sold. You can contact me about the original painting if you like and if you're interested in ordering a print here is the link.


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