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Guardian Angels

This is a painting I recently finished called "The Guardian". If you read the Bible it's apparent that God has angels that watch over his people and assist them whenever they need it. You may not be aware of it because it takes place in the spiritual realm but it's happening. God assigned an angel to each of the seven Churches in the beginning of the book of Revelation. God had the angel Michael drive Lucifer and his dark angels from heaven after Lucifer arranged an angelic up rising against God. Lucifer was the most beautiful and powerful of the angels before his downfall. The name Lucifer actually means "Light Bearer". The bible describes his body as being made out of jewels and precious stones so that God's light would be magnified through him. Of course this wasn't good enough for him so he decided he would take God's throne. How is that workin out for you for ya Lucifer? You were cast out of heaven and you have an awfully long and hot future ahead of you in the lake of fire!

This angel that I painted is one of God's warrior angels that looks out for his people and protects them from the temptations of Lucifer who is now known as Satan. These angels also protect us from the rest of the fallen angels that are now known as demons. We as humans have no power within our own strength against these powerful beings but if you're a born again child of God all you have to do is call on the name of Jesus to defeat one of these beings! One of these warrior guardians will be standing watch over you all the time.

This original painting is for sale on my website and prints are for sale at this link.

Thank you and Paine Out!


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