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Deep Woods

This is a painting that I finished in November called "Deep Woods". I love the thought of a huge bull moose roaming the expansive Rocky Mountain wilderness next to a hidden stream. In my mind I always picture a bull in the early morning with the sun just starting to emerge from behind the mountain range. This wilderness is almost too rugged for man to walk through unless we follow the path made by this huge wild animal that call this place home.

I kept the upper part of this painting lighter in tonal values to emphasize the rising sun that can't quite be seen yet but is implied by it's light reflecting off of the far mountain range and on the clouds. The close mountain range I kept dark to imply that the valley is still in the shadow of the mountain. Sometimes when you so this you have to figure out ways to make the fore ground show up against that dark mountain so that's why I added in the fog meandering through the trees. It's all about the repetition of shadow and light.

I always ask for God to be with me in my daily activities and that includes any time I paint. God created all the beautiful wilderness and animals that I paint so who better than the Creator himself to guide me. I was thinking about a Bible verse while painting this. You all probably know it so I'll just give you part of it. "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death". This rugged valley is in the cold and dark at the moment just like a lot of us go through rough patches in our lives but the sun is coming up over the mountain soon to warm the valley up and light the way just like God helps me get through the rough times of life!

Hope you all enjoy my new art and I'll keep painting and posting. If you want to purchase a print of this one here is the link. PAINE OUT!!!

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