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Old porches are so divine!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I don't know about you, but I get a peaceful feeling (wait...isn't that a song...) when I see an old rocking chair or a porch swing on the front porch right around the p.m. hours before sunset. You know that time of the day when the gold hues of the sun lays like a blanket gently over anything with texture? When the shadows are deep and provide the most beautiful contrast before everything plunges into darkness. I love that. I love time of day and i love that type of setting.

I adore old Victorian architecture or old farm house's when porches used to wrap around the sides. I do love me some southern charm, like old plantation houses in New Orleans with ferns hanging from hooks and overhead fans blowing in the wind with an old wooden screened door is so dreamy to me. I can swoon over houses like this every day.

Here in Gardner, KS we have some old farm house charm, that I would love to know the stories of. You can see most of them right off of highway 56 that runs through town. I also love when a town keeps the old Main Street buildings in tact. There are some local towns like Parkville, MO and Weston, MO that have dreamy main streets with the old brick buildings and creeky wooden floors that are now adorned with lovely shops. LOVE!

The wooden rocking chair photo above was taken at the Amelia Earhart home in Atchison, KS. Another town with the charm of the olden days. The homes in the nearby neighborhood are charming and oh how I love that the current owners of these historical masterpieces have painstakingly worked hard to keep the homes restored to their glory era.

If you know of someone with a charming porch and a story to go with it or if you happen to have one yourself, let me know, I would love to photograph it!