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It's a Zoo Drive-Thru

So the hubs and I decided to take our 2 year old granddaughter down to Springfield, MO to visit a drive-thru zoo. Yes, a drive-thru zoo. I actually visited this zoo back in the 80's (that would be 1980's) when I was a youngster. I remember it being different than what we drove through in June, but alas, the g-baby had a great time and that is all that matters....right?

When you arrive you go to the gift area to purchase your food for the animals. Before you get back in your car, there is a walk-through portion to see other animals that wouldn't normally be "free" in a zoo, i.e. monkeys, lions...you know things that could potentially kill you if set free. Anyway, I'm not a fan of zoos. I can't stand to see animals caged up, no matter the reason, it's just not my jam.

We progressed through the walk-through zoo and the excitement on Rowan's (a.k.a g-baby) face was so much fun. Everything is exciting at that age and they are so easy to entertain. Here she is with Pappy (a.k.a. David, the oil painter) while looking at some animals....in a large cage.

I LOVE seeing David interact with Rowan. We love this baby girl so much. The best blessing in anyone's life, I think, is being entrusted by God to watch over his little innocents. To be accountable and responsible for molding and guiding them in the best direction possible, that is such a blessing.

Sorry, had a deep moment there.

Anyway, back to the zoo. Rowan had a blast feeding the animals and running from one area to the next.

After the walk-through zoo you head to your vehicles to embark on an animal adventure. Ok, maybe not so much an adventure, but it is kind of cool to see an ostrich running not far from your car knowing that if they took one slight turn towards you, you are probably toast. Them's some big birds y'all!

Anyway, we start out and see some wolves...in a cage. Then we wind around and wind some more until we come to an area where there are buffalo (see above), and these things are super cool in size but so gross when they stick those long tongues at you wanting food. I'm a germ-a-phobe, so I didn't think about this before we went that these things would probably lick me so I was having some major heebie-jeebies!

At first the drive was cool. You get your first taste of animals trying to climb into the car with you while you try to feed them these small food plugs that could pass for shot gun shells... and it's all laughs and giggles for about the first 30 minutes or so.

Then annoyance sets in. And you swear the people in front of you have fifty bags of food because they stop at each jumbo with legs and sit there for like 10 minutes each. Come on! Let's keep it rolling. Yes, it's the fifth buffalo to come to your car and beg for food. Funny, Ha Ha, let's keep it movin' people. Seriously. By this point I'm rolling my eyes and probably sighing too.

Oh, changing gears here, we did get to drive next to a camel that, funny enough, could look right into the Tahoe since we were sitting up higher than the vehicles around us. He wasn't in the mood and just kept walking. I think he was over it too.

Poor Old Bessie (2005 Tahoe) decides she needs to express that she is done with this too. The temperature gauge started to go up. Thankfully didn't hit the danger zone, but it was making me nervous. Now, I have had her for 6 years and she has been AWESOME, we will continue to buy Tahoe's as long as we can afford them, but this little Miss has been the best and she's still plugging along. I'm a car connoisseur and although I may not know everything under the hood of Miss Bessie, I can change her headlights in the parking lot of any Auto Zone in 5 minutes flat. So there!

Back to the Zoo: Miss Z wasn't interested in the food though, but she did know how to stand pretty for the camera.